Interviewed by Khanh Dinh of the University of Washington


What message would you like The Creative Process to convey to its collaborating artists, creative thinkers and viewers?


What is very important to me is to create work that is meaningful, not only a beautiful painting that’s aesthetically pleasing or a story about limited personal experiences, but to reach beyond my particular concerns to speak to others and their concerns and interests, to do something that inspires the next generation and which is larger than myself.

It’s very obvious that we’re living in critical times with the environment, with social unrest, and that creativity is crucial. To build a better future starts with imagining a better tomorrow.

And so I asked myself, what do I know as an artist? And how can I use what little I know to try to make the world a better place? Well, I have some skills. And I know a lot of people, passionate artists and creative thinkers who have collectively accomplished great things which are inspiring for students just starting out. And those collective insights can help young people find their voices, become the artists, leaders, inventors of tomorrow who will find the solutions to today’s problems. This is my hope.

And I feel so fortunate to be in a project where I always get to be learning from so many talented and passionate people and sharing those insights with students. Because it makes me very hopeful for the future to be surrounded by so many who have devoted their lives to projects that are larger than themselves.

This is an excerpt of the interview. The full audio and transcript will be posted in the coming days and published by participating university journals.