In-depth research. Est. time: 2 hours to be split between two researchers. Additional reading will be done person conducting the interview.

Saul Perlmutter (Nobel Prize in Physics, Shaw Prize in Astronomy, violinist...)

Yuval Sharon (opera and theater director, MacArthur Genius Grant, directs for Los Angeles Philharmonic, innovative stagings...)

Randy Schekman (2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine)

George Lakoff (cognitive linguist and philosopher, in Moral Politics, Lakoff described conservative voters being influenced by "strict father model” and  liberal/progressive voters...the "nurturant parent model")

Michael Pollan (author, journalist, activist…writes extensively about food, the environment)

Rick Moody  (novelist and short story writer best known for the 1994 novel The Ice Storm, which was made into a film directed by Ang Lee)

Alison Gopnik (professor of psychology, known for her work in the areas of cognitive and language development, specializing in the effect of language on thought, the development of a theory of mind)

Michael Chabon (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay)

Dario Maestripieri (Medium research. Est. time: 1 hour. 1 person.) Italian behavioral biologist.

Ellen Ullman American computer programmer and author. (Medium research. Est. time: 1 hour. 1 person.)

(Associated writers, awaiting confirmation of interview schedule. Please indicate your interest and we’ll confirm interviews before you begin.)

In-depth research. Est. time: 2 hours to be split between two researchers.

Jennifer Egan (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, A Visit from the Goon Squad)

David Mitchell (novelist, Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks, number9dream...)

A.L. Kennedy (writer, academic, and stand-up comedian)

Carol Ann Duffy (Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom)

James Kelman (Booker Prize, How Late It Was, How Late)

Faculty interviews. Est. research time: 30 mins.
Most information contained on the following links.

Prof. Conny Aerts https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00002448 Astronomy

Prof. Barbara Baert https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00004564
Art History

Prof. Jan Baetens https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00004749 writer, poet, critic, Literary Theory and Cultural Studies

Dr. Koen Brosens https://www.arts.kuleuven.be/flemishbaroque/team/koenbrosens
17th and 18th century Flemish Tapestry, economic sociology, social network analysis

Prof. Joost Duflou https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00016263
Ecological Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Prof. David Geerts https://soc.kuleuven.be/mintlab/blog/researcher/david-geerts/
human-centered design of social interactive television, Human-Computer Interaction 

Prof. Rudi Laermans https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00018360 Sociocybernetics, Sociological Theory and Social Theory

Dr. Anneleen Masschelein https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00008948
literary theory and cultural studies, creative writings by theorists and on normative poetics

Prof. Jan Masschelein https://ppw.kuleuven.be/home/english/research/ecs/les/staff/jan-masschelein
Head of the Laboratory for Education and Society, and of the research group Education, Culture and Society,

Dr. Agnes Moors https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00012693 Psychology and Educational Sciences, research: emotion theory, action, automaticity...

Dr. Wendy Morris
visual artist and animated filmmaker

Prof. Dominiek Reynaerts
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Stéphane Symons https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00040182
Centre for Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Culture, 19th & 20th Century Thought

Prof. Hilde Van Gelder

research: how photographic and moving images shapes insights into the current state of the global political and socio-economic sphere. 

Prof. Bart Van Looy https://www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/00014261
http://www.flandersbusinessschool.be/nl/prof-dr-bart-van-looy Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation 

UNIVERSITY OF LEUVEN, artistic research projects

Geert Goiris www.geertgoiris.info photographer

Dr. Simon Grennan http://www.simongrennan.com/ comic artist and academic, A Theory of Narrative Drawing

GUILD HALL ACADEMY – Past and Present
will be interviewed and/or celebrated in portraits and editorials

will be interviewed and/or celebrated in portraits and editorials

Edward Albee, ‘91*, dramatist, Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award...Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

1. Alan Alda, ’85, actor, author, 6 Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Award

2. Arlene Alda, photographer, writer

3. John Alexander, ’12, actor

4. Laurie Anderson, ’11, musician, performance artist

5. Julie Andrews, actress, singer, author, dancer

6. Robert Appel, financier

7. Ruth Appelhof, former director of Guild Hall

8. Philip Appleman, poet

9. Ken Auletta, ’08, writer, journalist and media critic for The New Yorker

10. Alice Aycock, sculptor and installation artist

11. Lauren Bacall, ‘90*, actress, To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep

12. Donald Baechler, artist, painting, assemblage

13. Jon Robin Baitz, ’11, playwright, screenwriter, television producer,

14. Bob Balaban, ’09, actor, author, producer, director

15. Alec Baldwin, ’03, actor, writer, comedian, producer

16. Monica Banks, conceptual artist working in installation and sculpture

17. Jennifer Bartlett, ’08, painter

18. Mary Ellen Bartley, artist

19. Peter Beard, photographer, diarist and writer

20. Louis Begley, ’04, novelist

21. Joy Behar, comedian, writer, actress

22. Lynda Benglis, sculptor, painter

23. Robert Benton, ’95, film director, screenwriter, producer

24. Candice Bergen, ’08, actress, 5 Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards

25. Charles C. Bergman, The Pollock Krasner Foundation

26. Jill Bialosky, poet, novelist, essayist

Ross Bleckner, ’00, artist

27. Edward Bleier, Former Warner Bros President, chairman of the board of CKX, Inc.,[2] owner of the American Idol and Elvis Presley franchises

29. Dianne Blell, photographer

30. Lorraine Bracco, actress, The Sopranos, Goodfellas

31. Ben Bradlee, ‘03*, newspaper editor, The Washington Post, 

32. Marshall Brickman, ’10, screenwriter and director, known for collaborations on Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Jersey Boys

33. Christie Brinkley, model, actress, designer

34. Matthew Broderick ’14, actor, singer

35. Mel Brooks, ’07, actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, and composer

36. Jimmy Buffett, musician, songwriter, author,

37. Tory Burch, fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist

38. Carter Burwell, composer of film scores

39. Kate Capshaw, actress

40. Ina Caro, writer

41. Robert Caro, ’92, writer, 2 Pulitzers, 2 National Book Awards

42. Fran Castan, poet

43. Kim Cattrall, actress

44. Dick Cavett, ’10, talk show host, comedian

45. John Chamberlain, ‘06*, sculptor

46. Chevy Chase, actor, comedian and writer

47. Chuck Close, ’95, artist

48. Marty Cohen, philanthropist, Chairman Guild Hall

50. Bob Colacello, writer

51. Cy Coleman, ‘00*, composer, songwriter, and jazz pianist

52. Betty Comden, ‘92*, actress, librettist, lyricist

53. Blanche Wiesen Cook, historian and professor of history

54. Lucy Cookson, artist

55. Joan Ganz Cooney, ’01, television producer

56. Lewis B. Cullman, ’10, philanthropist

57. Joseph F. Cullman, III, ‘99*, philanthropist

58. Blythe Danner, ’13, actress

59. Paul Davis, ‘90*, graphic artist

60. Willem de Kooning, ’85*, artist

61. Christophe de Menil, designer

62. Philippe de Montebello, ’13, museum director Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

63. Ron Delsener, music promoter

64. B. Diamonstein-Spielvogel, historic preservation, political activism, the arts

65. E.L. Doctorow, ‘86*, novelist...

66. William Dreher, former director Guild Hall

67. John L. Eastman, lawyer, philanthropist

68. Jason Epstein, ’00, editor and publisher, National Book Award for Distinguished Service to American Letters

69. Melissa Errico, actress, singer, recording artist and writer. [Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Kurt Weill's One Touch of Venus. Interpreter of the work of Stephen Sondheim and Michel Legrand.]

70. Elliott Erwitt, advertising and documentary photographer[Royal Photographic Society's Centenary Medal; International Center for Photography's Infinity Award, Lifetime Achievement category, 2011.]

71. Florence Fabricant, food critic for The New York Times

72. Jules Feiffer ’14, cartoonist, author, playwright, screenwriter. [Academy Award, 1961; Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning, 1986; Comic Book Hall of Fame, 2004]

73. Eric Fischl, ’94 President of Guild Hall Academy. Painter, sculptor, printmaker. American Academy of Arts and Letters.

74. Audrey Flack, photorealist painter and sculptor.

75. Cornelia Foss, artist and teacher

76. Lukas Foss, ‘93*, German-American composer, pianist, and conductor.

77. Connie Fox, painter

78. Jane Freilicher, ‘96*, painter of urban and country scenes

79. Betty Friedan, ‘98*, writer, activist, and feminist

80. Barry S. Friedberg, ’15, philanthropist

81. Roy Furman, ‘06, President Emeritus

83. William Gaddis, ’94*, novelist. [National Book Award. The Recognitions (1955), J R (1975), A Frolic of His Own (1994)]

84. Steven Gaines, author, journalist, and radio show host.

85. Ina Garten, author and host of the Food Network program Barefoot Contessa.

86. Richard Gere, actor and activist. [Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award]

87. Ralph Gibson ’14, photographer

88. Arnold Glimcher, American art dealer, film producer and director. Founder of The Pace Gallery.

89. Paul Goldberger, ’06, architectural critic, journalist, educator

90. Barbara Goldsmith, ‘99*, author, journalist, philanthropist

91. April Gornik, ’02, artist

92. Adolph Green, ’92*, playwright/songwriter

93. Charles Gwathmey, ‘89*, architect

94. Joan Hamburg, radio personality

95. Stephen Hamilton, director of theater programs at Guild Hall

96. Sheldon Harnick, ‘04, Lyricist, musical theater

97. Ted Hartley, fighter pilot, actor, businessman, film and stage producer

98. Mary Heilmann, ’15, artist

99. Joseph Heller, ’87*, writer

100. Don Hewitt, ‘02*, television producer

101. A.M. Homes, ’15, fiction writer, memoirist, screenwriter

102. Edmund Hollander, landscape architect

103. Robert Hughes, ‘95*, art critic, writer, TV producer

104. Bryan Hunt, sculptor

105. John Irving, ’90, novelist, screenwriter

106. Walter Isaacson, ’12, writer and journalist

107. Sheila Isham, artist

108. Anne Jackson, ‘92*, actress

109. Valerie Jaudon, painter

110. Peter Jennings, ‘98*, television journalist, anchor

111. Billy Joel, ’97, musician, singer, songwriter, composer

112. David Joel, director of the Larry Rivers Foundation

113. Betsey Johnson, fashion designer

114. Donna Karan, fashion designer

115. Mel Kendrick, artist

116. William King, ‘97*, sculptor

117. Calvin Klein, fashion designer

118. Reed Krakoff, fashion designer, businessman

119. Jill Krementz, photographer

120. Steve Kroft, journalist

Susan Lacy, performance artist, installation, video, public art

122. Laurie Lambrecht, photographer

123. Nathan Lane, ’12, actor, writer

124. Jack Lenor Larsen, ’97,  textile designer, author, collector

125. Jo Carole Lauder, ’13, Guild Hall Special Award for Leadership and Philanthropy; Chairman, Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies

126. Ronald Lauder, ’13, Guild Hall Special Award for Leadership and Philanthropy

127. Matt Lauer, TV journalist

128. Ralph Lauren, fashion designer

129. Ricky Lauren, author, artist and photographer

130. Gerson Leiber, artist

131. Judith Leiber,  fashion designer and businesswoman

132. Paul Libin, theater producer, director

133. Judy Licht-Della Femina, television and print journalist

134. Dorothy Lichtenstein, Director of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

135. Roy Lichtenstein, ’87*, artist

136. James Lipton, writer, lyricist, actor, host

137. Susan Lucci, actress, television host, author, entrepreneur

138. Sidney Lumet, ‘86*, director, producer, screenwriter, actor

139. Michael Lynne, film executive, formerly of New Line, now Unique Pictures

140. Harry Macklowe ’14, real estate developer, art collector

141. Linda Macklowe ‘14, art curator, collector and patron

142. Arielle Tepper Madover, theater and film producer

143. Joe Mantello, actor and director

144. Kati Marton, author and journalist

145. Peter Matthiessen, ‘89*, novelist, naturalist, wilderness writer, zen teacher and CIA agent

146. Terrence McNally, ’93, playwright, librettist, screenwriter

147. Richard Meier, ’91, abstract artist and architect

148. Robert Menschen, investment banker, philanthropist

149. Dina Merrill, ’11, actress, heiress, socialite, businesswoman, philanthropist

150. Lorne Michaels, television producer, writer, comedian, actor

151. Nicole Miller, fashion designer and businesswoman

152. Paton Miller, artist

153. Charlotte Moss, ’15, interior designer, author, philanthropist

154. Robert Nederlander, live theater owner, operator, minority owner of the New York Yankees

155. Cynthia Nixon, actress

156. Marsha Norman, ’09, playwrightscreenwriter, novelist

157. Richard E. Oldenburg, former director of MoMA, former Chairman of Sotheby's

158. Alan J. Pakula, ’96*, film director, screenwriter, producer

159. Hannah Pakula, writer

160. Sarah Jessica Parker, ’15,  actress, producer, designer

161. Alan Patricof, ’09, investor, early pioneer of venture capital, philanthropist

162. Susan Patricof, ’09, philanthropist

163. Itzhak Perlman, ’88, ViolinistConductor, Music Teacher

164. Frank Perry, ’91*, stagedirector, filmmaker

165. Holly Peterson, producer, journalist and novelist

166. Elizabeth Peyton, ’10, painter

167. Lisa Phillips, director of the New Museum of Contemporary Artcurator, author

168. Nicholas Pileggi, producer, author and screenwriter

169. Joe Pintauro, ’07, playwright, poet, novelist, photographer

170. George Plimpton, ’01*, journalist, writer, literary editor, actor

171. Marla Prather, Curator for the Development of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Museum of Modern Art

172. Richard Prince, ’09, painter, photographer

173. Sally Quinn, author, journalist

174. Dan Rattiner, journalist and newspaper publisher

175. Helen Rattray, publisher East Hampton Star

176. William Rayner, artist

177. Richard Reeves, writer

178. Ron Rifkin, actor

179. Larry Rivers, ’88*, artist, musician, filmmaker

180. Dan Rizzie, artist

181. Jerome Robbins, ’87*

182. J.T. Robertson

183. Dorothea Rockburne, abstract painter

184. Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, landscape designerlandscape preservationist, writer, led revitalisation of Central Park

185. Marshall Rose, ’04, real-estate developer, philanthropist

186. Jane Rosenthal, film producer, co-founder/chair Tribecca Film Institute

187. Clifford Ross, photographer, video artist, sculptor

188. Toni Ross, sculptor

189. Daryl Roth, theatrical producer

190. Mercedes Ruehl, ’06, theater, television, and film actor

191. Reynold Ruffins, painter, illustrator, graphic designer

192. Gene Saks, ‘94*, stagefilm director, actor

193. David Salle, ’07, painter, printmaker, stage designer

194. Val Schaffner, photographer, writer, former owner of Nabi Gallery

195. Henry Schleiff, Court TV Founder

196. Julian Schnabel, ’98, artist, filmmaker

197. Budd Schulberg, ‘02*, film writer, sports writer, novelist

198. Grace Schulman, poet 

199. Philip Schultz, poet, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

200. Stephen A. Schwarzman, ’05, businessman, investor and philanthropist

201. Jerry Seinfeld, stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director

202. Julie Sheehan, poet

203. Gail Sheehy, author, journalist, and lecturer

204. Cindy Sherman, ‘04,  photographer, film director

205. Lynn Sherr, author, broadcast journalist, ABC news magazine 20/20

206. Robert F. X. Sillerman, ’07, businessman, media entrepreneur, philanthropist, The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy at Brandeis University

207. Paul Simon, ’89, singer-songwriter, actor

208. Taryn Simon, conceptual artist

209. Lee Skolnick, architect, designer

210. Arlene Slavin, sculptor, painter, printmaker

211. G.E. Smith, musician, songwriter

212. Judith Sneddon, philanthropist, director/COO Helen and Claus Hoie Charitable Foundation

213. Dava Sobel, writer of popular expositions of scientific topics

214. Susan Solomon, co-founder and CEO of The New York Stem Cell Foundation

215. Barry Sonnenfeld,  filmmaker, television director

216. Keith Sonnier, performance, video and light artist

217. Helen Spanierman, gallery owner, Spanierman Modern

218. Ira Spanierman, gallery owner, Spanierman Modern

219. Steven Spielberg, ’98, director, producer, and screenwriter

220. Carl Spielvogel, former United States ambassador to the Slovak Republic, chairman and CEO of Carl Spielvogel Associates, Inc.

221. Saul Steinberg, ’86*,  cartoonist and illustrator, best known for his work for The New Yorker

222. Robert A.M. Stern, ’99, architect, professor, and author

223. Martha Stewart, businesswoman, writer, television personality

224. Peter Stone, ’96*, writer for theater, television, movies

225. Melville Straus, ‘12*, former Chairman of Guild Hall

226. Elaine Stritch, ‘01*, actress and singer, known for her work on Broadway

227. Michelle Stuart, multidisciplinary artist–sculpture, painting, environmental art

228. Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, artist

229. Billy Sullivan, painter

230. Donald Sultan, painter, sculptor, printmaker

231. Elie Tahari, fashion designer

232. Fred Tuten, novelist, short story writer and essayist

233. Judith Hope, former East Hampton Town Supervisor

234. Twomey Hans Van de Bovenkamp, sculptor

235. Gwen Verdon, ’99*, actress, dancer

236. Esteban Vicente, ’93*, painter

237. Edwina von Gal, landscape designer

238. Kurt Vonnegut, ‘85*, writer

239. Amei Wallach, writer, filmmaker, art critic

240. Eli Wallach, ’92*, actor

241. Janet Wallach, non-fiction writer

242. Barbara Walters ‘13, broadcast journalist, author, television personality

243. Emma Walton, actress, theatrical director, author of children's books

244. Tony Walton, ‘92, set and costume designer

245. Vera Wang, fashion designer

246. Wendy Wasserstein, ‘97*, playwright

247. Bruce Weber, ’11, journalist

248. Ali Wentworth, actress, comedian, author, producer

249. Jane Wilson, ‘01*, painter

250. Lanford Wilson, ‘00*, playwright

251. Robert Wilson, ‘02,  theater and visual artist, founder of The Watermill Center

252. Tom Wolfe, ‘88, author, journalist

253. Bruce Wolosoff, classical composer, pianist, educator

254. Nina Yankowitz, visual artist known for her work in new media technology

255. Jack Youngerman, ’03, artist

256. Harris Yulin, actor

257. Donald Zucker, ’08, businessman, philanthropist

258. Joseph Zucker, artist

259. Mortimer B. Zuckerman, ‘03 *, magazine proprietor, editor, investor

Forthcoming interviews for projects with University of Pennsylvania, University of Hong Kong, University of Milan, among others. Names to be added shortly.