If you create the conditions in which people feel comfortable interacting with art, there are some really beautiful things that can emerge from that encounter. Things that I think are life changing. And so that’s why I enjoy it... When I was at school, we were told that we could do absolutely anything what we wanted to do. Anything whatsoever. If we wanted to be aerodynamic engineers, there were no barriers. None. And probably it made me the person I am today. I always thought that I could do exactly what I wanted. People also say, in terms of FIAC, that the fact that I am a foreigner has helped me because it’s true I don’t feel burdened by convention because it’s always been done that way. I feel completely unfettered and I don’t feel bound by convention and the aim is to federate the cultural world around the events. I am not going to create upset gratuitously, but if I think something can be done differently and better, then I will definitely do it.

Director of FIAC - Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain