Do you publish essays about writers other than the ones interviewed for The Creative Process?
Pieces may be loosely linked to ideas discussed on The Creative Process. Essays may focus on writers other than those interviewed by our project.

I’d like to upload a short video inspired by the authors or ideas discussed in The Creative Process.
That’s great. We have the capacity to upload short videos to our site. If the video is long, we can upload a link with a short description. We are presently collaborating with writers on a number of cross-genre works.

I’d like to upload a visual artwork inspired by The Creative Process.
Visual artworks can be submitted if they accompany or illustrate text-based responses to The Creative Process. (Up to two jpegs accepted.) We are primarily looking for essays, stories, poems, memoir, theater sketches, and other text-based forms of storytelling.

What if the author I’d like to write an essay or other creative work about has already been transcribed? Can I still volunteer and submit a piece about them?
Yes! You can submit a piece about whichever participating author you wish. Pieces don’t even need to be limited to the authors who’ve been interviewed for The Creative Process as long as your piece is in some way linked to the authors or the ideas they’ve discussed. We can send you another author to transcribe, and/or material from your chosen author which may need to be proofed before publishing, etc.

My background isn’t in the literary arts, but I have an idea for an essay related to The Creative Process.
Wonderful. The project is multi-disciplinary. The authors participating in inteviews come from diverse backgrounds. Before becoming writers they studied philosophy, medicine, the exact sciences, psychology, engineering, law, and led varied careers. Some are also musicians, journalists, visual artists, filmmakers... A great number are teachers. If you’ve written an essay or would like us to excerpt a previously published essay on these or other subjects, we’d like to hear from you. (Tell us in a sentence the author who inspired your essay and/or how it relates to their work.)

I am writing a thesis on one of the authors interviewed. If I participate in The Creative Process can I cite material in my thesis?
Volunteers are free to quote up to 15% of the full interviews published on The Creative Process and/or the interlinking online exhibition.

Are there any limitations on the kind of pieces you will publish?
This isn’t a review site and does not publish negative reviews. The Creative Process is a celebration of literature and the humanities meant to inspire students and the general public, as well as being a platform for them to publish their own creative work. Pieces are  not limited to the authors who’ve been interviewed for The Creative Process. We will publish your piece as long as it is in some way linked to the interviewed authors or the ideas they’ve discussed.

Is there a word limit for submissions?
Between 500 to 2,000 words is ideal, but we will accept longer submissions up to 10,000 words.

What is the size of artwork gifted to volunteers? And when will volunteers receive it?
Depending on the length of transcription(s), aspect of The Creative Process you are participating in, or author interview you worked on, the size of the artwork will vary. Artworks gifted to editorial assistants are valued up $250. As the artist is currently engaged in interviews and producing artworks for the travelling exhibition, she will only be able to complete artworks gifted to volunteers when all the interviews are complete, sometime in 2017/8.

I’d like to assist in another aspect of The Creative Process.
Great. In addition to editorial, there are many areas where we need assistance. Just fill in the form above and let us know your area of interest. Since certain aspects of the project may require greater time commitment, you may be gifted a more significant artwork in appreciation of your time.

My English is not strong enough to transcribe interviews. Can I participate in translations?
Let us know the language(s) you’d like to translate and we’ll send you information on doing translations for exhibitions at non-Anglophone universities and the interlinking online exhibition.

My piece isn’t in English. Can I publish it on your site?
We’ll publish pieces which aren’t in English. Please note that may take longer for us to review it prior to publishing on the site.