Friends, Students, and Colleagues,

The Creative Process welcomes submissions from all genres and disciplines. They have a special interest in pieces which may have begun as our class assignments or were written around the time you were my student or colleague. However, you are welcome to submit a work of your choice and, if you wish, you can append a brief piece, e.g., “My Recollections as a Student of...” or include some reminiscences as a friend/colleague as a postscript.

The idea is that friends, students and colleagues will be collectively participating a kind of composite portrait of the interviewed authors, as well as engaging in an ongoing dialogue, the aim of which is to deepen our understanding of teaching and the creative process.

Previously published pieces are accepted and they will publish the usual acknowledgements. There is no cost for entry. As a non-profit educational initiative, The Creative Process is not presently in a position to pay contributors, but submissions will automatically be entered into The Creative Process writing competitions. Contributors also receive invitations to supporting events at participating universities with the possibility of taking part in readings or other aspects of the project.

You may submit works which have been previously published, and they will include the usual acknowledgements.

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