VARIOUS forms of picture credits and where to position them.
Picture credits which are public domain, CC0 or which we have direct permission to use without linked picture acknowledgements should be inserted in the top right in italics. Unless there is a citation, and then it should go underneath the citation, e.g.

 "Quote by writer."
Name of book or "Story", etc.

Red Rhythms by Margaret Garrett

If there is more detail, e.g., oil on can include it, but it's not necessary.
Artwork: is chiefly necessary when the artist's name is not widely known and might be confused with the author of the story.

e.g. It's not necessary to use "Artwork" for Irises by Van Gogh
Unless perhaps the picture credit is a CC or Fair Use and appears far away from the image at the foot of the page. It's also possible for you to go in and name images on actual photoshop files since it's not possible to type photo captions under the principal/top image, but this takes a little time and maybe best to spend that time on other things. 

If an artwork is CC 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0... please give picture credits* at the foot of the page because we find the links required distracting.

Marooned on a couch brown raft -rocking lle-de-France
Sullen blackboard jazz blowin from across the navy New Orleans seas. 

Slo-mo angels doing somersaults on my torn red curtain reverie
in these broken Halloween bones and mask
I rummage through the ashes that crashed me into
this pink, new golden face dawn..

floating past jagged-edged icicles into the night melting
chocolate Clark Terry’s “They Didn’t Believe Me.”

Love lost is something we can never afford
head stuck on a starboard mast
crashing through storm waves painted in dead dreams. 

And feeling that familiar frost-bitten regret again- that we never
consummated the close quarters of then,,,what are regrets other than dead
sea gulls floating in a ghost soup sea.

*It may be best to include more public domain or CC images and to avoid using many images which are Fair Use. It's allowable, especially since we're a non-profit educational initiative, but they may have additional restrictions as to size, etc., so it just seems easier to choose public domain or CC.

CC and Fair use images should go at the end of the story, like this:

Title of Artwork by Artist (CC 1.0)
Title of Artwork by Artist (CC 2.0)
Title of Artwork by Artist (CC 3.0)
Title of Artwork by Artist (CC 4.0)
Title of Artwork by Artist (Fair use)

Name of the Artwork, Artist’s Name (CC 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.0… Fair Use and link to appropriate page, see below)

Here are the links for easy reference: