Hello AUP Students,

My name is Mia Funk. I am an artist, interviewer, and founder of The Creative Process traveling exhibition and educational initiative.

The Creative Process traveling exhibition brings together over 100 leading writers and creative thinkers in iconic portraits and engaging interviews, exploring such topics as creativity, critical thinking, the environment, education, technology, gender and social equality, spirituality, and the future. The project grew out of my work for the American Writers Museum, Dublin Writers Museum, and other literary organizations.

I look forward to discussing it with you this Wednesday, April 12th at 3:30 p.m.
102, rue St. Dominique (entrance 16, Passage Landrieu) Room SD-1

We'll have the opportunity to discuss publishing your work on The Creative Process, participating in the initiative and engage in improvised storytelling.


The Creative Process celebrates the idea that originality comes about when creative convergences occur. Conversations which take place between art and literature, music and poetry, hip-hop and musicals, translation and other interpretative arts, short story and film are the theme of our initiative. Professors Jeffrey Greene, Siân Melangell Dafydd, Daniel Medin, Dan Gunn...are doing great work in these areas. We are interested in publishing the creative works you have written during your time as their students.
Your submissions may be linked to a brief interview we conduct with your professor and/or one of our other participating writers. They can also appear in the projection elements of the traveling exhition.

Excerpts of some of our in-depth interviews can be found on our website. To coincide with the opening of the American Writers Museum, we will begin publishing the full-length interviews across a network of university and national literary magazines (LA Review of Books, Tin House, Columbia Journal...)

There are many ways to get involved in The Creative Process:

–interviews and editorial
–participation in short film workshops and curriculum integration
–publishing work you have written at AUP

For more details, see our submissions page and see this page for additional information.

After the talk, feel free to come up to me to discuss ways to get involved.


Quick links to work by some participating writers, professors, and students:

"Love, Suddenly: Etgar Keret Invents Hebrew Romance" by Dr. Yaron Peleg (University of Cambridge) 

"Hilary Mantel and the historical novel by Dr. Sara Knox (University of Western Sydney)

"The Choreographer" by Gerald Fleming (poet and teacher)

"Is she really a woman?" by Professor Sian Melangyll Dafydd (American University of Paris)

"Class-Consciousness, Violence, and Dystopia in George Saunders' Vision of Contemporary America" by Juliana Nalerio (PhD researcher, Stanford)

Work from a student taking part in our Pure Imagination High School Program:
"My Name is Lie" by Victoria Velez (New Britain High School, CT)
This program, which involves students at both ends of the educational spectrum, has been endorsed by Noam Chomsky.