Past contributors to The Creative Process include–

Communications Liaisons for Traveling Exhibition & A/V Coordinator: Zipporah Alcaraz (Current: American University of Paris Communications Department. Previous: Film Producer San Jose Japanese American Museum.)

Performing Arts Liaisons: Caroline Dougherty (Previous: Houston Ballet and Tulsa Ballet II)

Interviews Editors:
Dahlia Baeshen (Previous: Cultural Researcher/Project Coordinator UNESCO; Lecturer Effat University)

Other Voices Editor: Melissa Halabe (Editor of Paris/Atlantic and ZYZZYVA, San Francisco.)

Projection Elements Designer: Alfredo Renteria (Previous: Art Director Paris/Atlantic; Researcher The Letters of Samuel Beckett; Content Editor Altera Group.)

Ways of Seeing (Communications Liaisons & Curation): Manuela Paz (Previous: Musée du Louvre.)

Associate Interviews Producer & Research Coordinator: Forrest Crellin (Current: Editor in Chief The Plume) & Khadija Sanusi (Correspondent for African Leadership Magazine and Contributing Editor at Peacock Plume)

Refugee Workshops: Joe Murphy & Joe Robertson (Good Chance Theatre, associate company of The Young Vic, London)

Louise Denyer, Margo Berdeshevsky, Dahlia Baeshen, Riki Suzanne Davis, Mia Funk, Julia Sotnyk, Vincent Mangado – conducting and documenting engagements with works from The Creative Process' participating artists

Other Voices (Living Under Autocracy section): Şeyma Koç

Other Voices (Caregiving & the Helping Professions section): Paige Parsons

Our advisory team is comprised of professors, department chairs, administrators, journal editors, film studies directors, librarians, translators, and alumni of leading universities. Some of the 40 participating universities include Oxford, Harvard, Sorbonne, Columbia, MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, McGill, University of Toronto, University of Milan, Trinity College Dublin, NYU, University of Iowa, University of Edinburgh, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, University of Warsaw, Łódź Film School, University of Leuven, University of Salamanca, University of Hong Kong, and Tel Aviv University, among others.

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Transcriptions are edited with assistance of volunteers from participating universities and
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