We welcome audio submissions. Your recording will appear alongside your written piece on The Creative Process and may also be incorporated into future podcasts.


If you don’t already have a voice recording app on your phone:

1. You’ll need to download one, and here are some suggestions. There are plenty of other free choices.

For Android download: Smart Voice Recorder

Here’s a guide:

For iPhone download: Voice Recorder Free

2. Find a reasonably quiet spot. Any quiet room is fine. If you need a retreat, your bedroom or bathroom will do just as well.

3. You’re ready to record.
Tips for good sound.
If you have a pair of earbuds with a mic built-in (like the one you have for hands-free phone calls), you can definitely use those for hands-free recording and it’ll sound great.

You can hold your copy and put the phone on your desk or even in your pocket.

If you are going use to internal microphone on your phone, just make sure that you have the phone about 8 inches or so away from you, and record at your normal voice level. It helps if you kind of know where the microphone is on the phone.

4. It doesn’t need to be word perfect. Don’t stress if you make a mistake. We include your written piece alongside your recording. If you find you have stumbled in few places, just start again and make a new recording.

5. You’ve done your recording and it probably sounds awesome. But let’s check.
The apps will let you quickly check your sound file. If it sounds OK, you’re ready to send!

6. Share your recording. The apps will let you share the file via email to:
Please include your name and The Creative Process Audio Piece in the subject line of your email.

Fantastic. You’re all done, and thank you for participating in The Creative Process!