How many interviews can we publish? How does it work?
Your publication is welcome to publish excerpts of all The Creative Process interviews as soon they are transcribed, edited, and ready to share across the network of magazines. We also provide illustrated portraits.

What is the typical length of excerpts?
Between 700 and 1,200 words. Longer excerpts are available upon request.

Can we publish interviews in our print publication as well as online?
Yes. You are welcome to publish interviews in your print publication as long as you also publish on your website and link to where visitors can continue reading it online. Our aim is to inspire and foster discussions about literature, the creative process, and the importance of the humanities.

What publications are already involved?
Many of the leading universities participating in our physical exhibition are also taking part in the interlinking online exhibition, as well as a number of national literary magazines like Tin House, LA Review of Books, among others. The American Writers Museum is also excerpting our interviews.

What length are the full interviews?
Between 5,000 and 15,000 words. We find this allows interviewees to touch upon their body of work, life, and creative process, and also facilitates sharing across a network of magazines.

Are all the interviews with anglophone writers? Do you have interviews with artists and creative thinkers in other disciplines?
Currently, there is a concentration of anglophone writers. However, The Creative Process is an ongoing educational initiative with the participation of universities around the world. We have scheduled interviews with a number of international writers and creative thinkers in disciplines like filmmaking, linguistics, visual art, and cognitive science, which we would be more than happy to share with you or other magazines published by your university.

Are there any requirements for participation?
No. Everything we publish is free to universities and literary magazines. Some creative writing departments are assisting in the editing process, taking part in educational initiatives, and passing on publishing opportunities to students, but this is not a requirement for participating in our interlinking online exhibition.

Can our publication select the interviews you share with us?
Yes. Selection is entirely up to you. We will send you regular updates about available interviews.

How can a university best facilitate the project? By suggesting faculty and writers who would be happy to be interviewed?
We are always happy to receive suggestions of writers and creative thinkers. As well as our core 100 interviews, we are conducting a number of ancillary interviews so that every exhibition is a unique representation of the creative contributions of each university and their region.

We look forward to collaborating with your publication, and thank you for participating in The Creative Process!

To learn more, please contact us.