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Educating via an Exhibition

What is The Creative Process?
A travelling exhibition of interviews and portraits of writers and creative thinkers from around the world augmented by projection elements and short films made in collaboration with independent directors and participating film schools. After launching at the Sorbonne, The Creative Process is being exhibited at leading universities and selected literary museums during their important literary/humanities festivals and conferences, including Harvard's LITFest, KU Leuven's European Conference for the Humanties, University of Milan's BookCity, among others.

As a part of this international educational initiative, we invite professors, students, art historians, writers, and filmmakers from participating universities to respond creatively to featured artworks and a selection of these essays, poems, storiesshort films, and works by leading artists can be seen on our website and in the projection elements. The Creative Process is collaborating on a number of curriculum integration initiatives, inner city afterschool writing clubs, and special 4th-year courses combining film and literature with a view to inspiring imaginative inquiry and encouraging future generations of artists.

Some of the 40 participating universities: Sorbonne, UC Berkeley, MIT, Columbia, Oxford, Princeton, University of Edinburgh, University of Milan, University of Toronto, University of Salamanca, Trinity College Dublin, University of Hong Kong, McGill University, American Writers Museum, Dublin Writers Museum, University of Iowa, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University,  University of Warsaw, University of Melbourne, Łódź Film School, University of Chicago, Boston University, Indiana University, American University of Paris, University of Leuven, Antioch College, Tel Aviv University, among others.

The Creative Process Exhibition was launched at the Sorbonne and is traveling to forty leading universities around the world. The exhibition consists of interviews with over 100 esteemed writers, including Joyce Carol Oates, Hilary Mantel, George Saunders, Paul Auster, Neil Gaiman, Tobias Wolff, Richard Ford, Junot Díaz, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Jane Smiley, Marie Darrieussecq, Maxine Hong Kingston, Michel Faber, T.C. Boyle, Jay McInerney, Geoff Dyer, Dave Eggers, Etgar Keret, Rick Moody, Ann Beattie, Douglas Kennedy, Frederic Tuten, Sam Lipsyte, DBC Pierre, and Yiyun Li, among others. Participating creative thinkers include Noam Chomsky, Yuval Noah Harari, Saul Perlmutter, Randy Schekman, Eric Fischl, George Lakoff, Michael Pollan, Alison Gopnik, Yuval Sharon, Seán Curran, Miki Kratsman, Dario Maestripieri, Ellen Ullman, and a host of others. For more information see:

Forthcoming Projects, Collaborations and Exhibitions of The Creative Process

Spring 2018 – Paris  Invited Artist / Exhibitor to show The Creative Process and collaborate with Good Chance, associate company of the Young Vic Theatre. “A varied programme of music, drama, poetry, movement and debate, for and by the inhabitants of the camp, occupies the Good Chance theatre six days a week. All by itself it proclaims that life without culture is nothing but biology in survival mode.”

–Sir Tom Stoppard in The Sunday Times

April 2018 – KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Flanders, Belgium) Exhibition of The Creative Process for the European Conference for the Humanities.

October-November 2018 – Guild Hall Initiative, Hamptons, NY (including creation of Sag Habor community art project with artist and president of Guild Hall Academy Eric Fischl). Exhibition of The Creative Process and continuation of interviews with academy members and other initiatives celebrating notable visual, literary, and performing artists (Eric Fischl, Steven Spielberg, Calvin Klein, Mel Brooks, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere, Julian Schnabel, Barbara Walters, Chuck Close, Alec Baldwin, among others).