Social Purpose Partner 

Helping Spread the Word


1/ Go to our page

2/ Share today’s post or another post of your choosing

3/ When you have shared the post. Don’t forget to copy and paste the Call for Submissions into the Comments section below.

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This ensures engagement with a wider circle of writers. Selected submissions will be published in the Other Voices section of The Creative Process and included in the projection elements of the traveling exhibition. You are free to modify the Call for Submissions text depending on the focus of the group you are sharing it with.

Feel free to share posts with your personal page, tag or share with people you think may have experiences, essays, stories, poems, or creative works related to the subject. I usually tag 5+ friends/writers who I know have related works.

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Thank you so much for being a social purpose partner. Your assistance is an important element of our educational initiative and helps us curate works for The Creative Process. We look forward to reading new submissions and publishing this work in Other Voices.

– Mia Funk & The Creative Process team