I am delighted to tell you that I am working with The Creative Process as Caregiving & the Helping Professions Advisor. This is a new section to celebrate the "invisible arts"– caregivers, those in the helping professions, and others who do important work but who we do not honor as much as we should. If you would be interested in participating in a brief interview and/or submitting your work, it may be included on, shown as part of the projection elements of the traveling exhibition, and excerpted by participating literary magazines.

Participate in an Interview for The Art of Caregiving

Submission Form for Writers · Submit Your Short Film · Submit Your Visual Artwork

What is The Creative Process?
A travelling exhibition of interviews and portraits of writers from around the world. The Creative Process is being exhibited at leading universities and selected literary museums. As a part of our non-profit international educational initiative, we are publishing poems, stories, essays, and creative works broadly related to the author interviews, which will appear in a network of university and national literary magazines.


The questions below are merely suggestions. Feel free to skip or go more in-depth on any subject you feel relevant to The Art of Caregiving.
Please feel free to skip any questions you have already answered as part of your Art of Teaching interview.
Tell us about yourself! Up to 120 words in 3rd person. Please include your website, Facebook URL, and/or twitter handle so we can link to same and notify you when your piece is online.
Please email us a photo(s) of yourself and, if possible, include one with your patient(s) or in a caregiving environment. Kindly include in the subject line: Your Name / The Art of Caregiving.
Thank you for adding your voice to The Creative Process.

Can I send artwork to accompany my interview?
Yes. Feel free to send us photos of yourself, related images, book covers, and artworks, which may accompany your piece or be used as a starting point for a new artwork/collaboration with the artist Mia Funk.

I’d like to get involved in other aspects of the traveling exhibition and educational initiative.
That’s great. There are many ways to get involved. Let us know on the submission form, and we’ll send you more information. Feel free to share this page with colleagues so they may participate in an Art of Teaching interview. 

You can also invite colleagues and students to submit essays, stories, poems, and other creative works, which may be published alongside your interview and contribute to a collective portrait of you and your teaching process.

We welcome your suggestions for interviewees in literature, the humanities, and STEM disciplines for the traveling exhibitions.

One of our educational initiatives is collaborating with leading film schools, writers, and the non-profit initiative Storyvid on the creation of short films.  Read more > Through film workshops and special 4th-year courses dedicated to combining film and literature, students and faculty collaborate on the short film adaptations. If you would like to participate in this, please fill out the Short Film Collaborations section of the submission form and your piece(s) will be added to a selection of work available for adaptation. If your story is selected, you will be contacted by the participating film school, and there may be opportunities to collaborate further in the filmmaking process. When the film is made, you will be gifted with an original artwork by Mia Funk inspired by your writing. 

How should I submit audio/videos? What are you looking for? Is interpretation open?
Yes, interpretation is open. You might submit audio/video of a lecture or talk where you are discussing teaching/your creative process. Some teachers have a background in the arts or other disciplines, and it can often be interesting to read their interview alongside other expressions of their creativity.
Video submissions should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (public access). Please copy and paste the link(s) into your submission form.
Audio – We support .mp3. (If you have audio in another file type and aren’t sure how to convert it, we can make the necessary conversions.)
Most smartphone recordings will automatically be compressed. For best performance, we recommend compressing your files using these specifications:
Bit Depth: 16bit / Bitrate: 128 kbps max (96 kbps for spoken word)
File Size: 160 MB or smaller. For larger files, we will link to an external host.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. And thank you for participating in The Creative Process!