Their mind set is fuck school, them teachers don't teach us shit anyway, it's pointless. They just want to make that fast money. They seen a crack house that made almost half of a mil. Seeing all that white and cash makes me even hungrier and feening for money. They be sitting there thinking, why should I get a job that pays 9.00 dollars an hour and only pays every two weeks when I can work on my own hours comfortably and make almost a couple hundred a day? It's tempting, impossible to say no to that.

Just imagine pulling up to your block with the newest whip, wearing the freshest clothes, and the most expensive chain ever around your neck. They want to have the power to buy whatever they want. The power to get any girl that comes their way. And to stunt on everyone that looked down at them at one point in their lives. Most important is wanting to make sure that your mom and little brother got a roof over their head, living comfortable and eating good. That's what that fast money can do.
But you can have it all and lose it all. When you lose it all, ain't nobody gonna be there for you when you're down and broke. You start realizing they was only there for your money and fame. They don't care about you. They only cared about what you had in your pockets. Once your money is gone, the people you thought were your homies start disappearing, just like that. Now you're broke and not one soul is gonna lend a hand to help. The only thing on your mind is how can you provide for the family.
Now you're having thoughts about killing and robbing people. Hungry for money and all you can think about is ways to get it to provide for your family. You're carrying all this weight on your shoulders, feeling like spazzing out and shooting at anything and anyone in sight. But you got to stay sane for your mom and little brother because you know without you in their lives they would be living on the street. And your little brother would be out in the streets in gangs and doing things you wouldn't want him to do. Still thinking of ways to come up with some money, knowing you can easily plot on one of the neighbors that you know have money and nice things in their crib. You watch their every move first and find out days when they're not home for long periods of time.
So that's what you're planning to do tonight, to be in and out their crib with no complications. You really don't want to take anyone's life tonight. But before you head out you say a prayer in your head telling God to forgive you for what you're about to do and praying everything goes as planned. You remind yourself everything you're doing is for your fam. And just like that you're back to your old ways.