Same stuff over and over!

Try to fix it or walk way,

But they got to remind me every day!

A reminder that I’m nothing,

Nothing at all!

I’m just a punching bag,

Oh here it comes again,

Smacking me with a past mistake!

It’s a slap in the face!

Arguments after arguments . . .

My throat hurts and my heart burns!

I can’t go a day without screaming!

My ears ache and my head's splitting!


Can’t sleep at night

Knowing I’ll still be trapped in the same hell,

Caged with beasts!

All they want to see is my pain,

Suffering every day, without any change


Then I act as if it’s okay

It’s all peachy,

Smiling to your face,

Even though I’m crying inside.


The more my heart breaks,

The harder it is to lie.

I cry more and more.

My problems escalate,

My happiness deceased


Can we please stop?

Can you please stop tormenting me?

You’ve killed my joy,

What else do you want!?


You can’t get enough!

Going around in tragic circles is your thing.

You must like that nauseous feeling,

Making you and me both sick!

Sick of each other,

Tired of hearing each other’s voices!


I’m scared to be around you,

Because all you do is remind me of how bad I am!
I know it’s kind of sad,

But then again, I’m pathetic in your eyes!

First, I’m sad, then, I’m mad!


Is redemption even possible with you?

I guess not, because I try and try,

Never have I succeeded.

I’m tired and done.

Over with trying to fix it or escape.

With you it’s impossible.


You hold grudges too long.

You’re like a piece of glass,

Digging into my skin.

I take it out, but a small piece persists.

Soon, it wears through, but then comes back for more.


I’m internally messed up

I can’t keep going.

Am I ever going to be truly happy?
Not with you, who refuses to share

You bash me over and over!

I apologize sincerely, but you don’t care