I wouldn’t start off by saying my life is as hard as others might be. Everyone goes through some difficult times in their lives. The only difference is the period of time might be longer or shorter for some than others. Just like the many years that have now passed. I don't hear from him. I don't see him. He probably just doesn't care enough that he has a 16 year-old daughter who wishes she still had the daddy's little girl connection. But all he can say is, “Don't you ever forget that I'm your father and no one else can ever take my place.” PAUSE!!! It doesn't take much to be a father to a child. It takes a grown man to raise a child the right way and have a daddy's little girl. Now continuing. Early June receiving a call from an unsaved number wondering who it could be . . . “It's me, baby girl!” My voice didn't let him get another word out. “I'M NO LITTLE BABY GIRL ANYMORE!!! The next time you think about opening your mouth again, think about the 16 years you've missed out on. See you next time.”