“I was so alone that every day was like eating my own heart.”


It’s just me, myself, and don’t forget I

So I keep on riding until the day I die

Because all I got is me for life

Never need any hand to hold

Even when it’s cold

Because I’ve got that restless fire deep down in my soul


You wanna leave my life and then come back

So screw all of you – I’ve changed since the past, ditched all that

Nowadays I just do what I wanna do

Just worry about my life – and you should too

My heart tries to tell me I have many friends

But my brain replies that I only have a few

How about you hop off the track, and get off my back

Before I let go my mack, and begin to attack

Late in the night when it all goes black

When I flip the page and assemble my pack

You and your weak crew can just stay on the rack

While I step up and demonstrate you’re all just whack

You all can step back and forget the feedback

Don’t try bringin’ me down with the words you lack

Because I’ll be right there with the quick comeback


It’s just me, myself, and I

Ridin’ solo until the day I die

Cause all I got is just me for life

Never need anybody’s hand to hold, even when it’s cold

I’ve got that fire burnin’ deep in my soul

Don’t need no prompt to play my part

I’ve got an eternal flame burnin’ in my heart

It keeps me alive, keeps me feelin’ satisfied,

The music takes me flyin’, fills my soul every single time


Yeah, I’m goin’ solo on this mission

Don’t need your approval or permission

I’m hard to figure, just like a magician

So sit back and listen, just play your position

No need for any doubts or suspicion

Who you think these lyrics are dissin’?

I can do this myself, no need for transition

I’ve got the words, I earn my commission

So please don’t try to call me on my phone

I’ve learned to survive livin’ all alone

Not hangin’ my head low like I’ve been disowned

The power of my words is all I condone

I wear their fragrance just like expensive cologne

Someday I’ll carve them on my gravestone

While I’m bumpin’ underground, boppin’ to my earphones

Sayin’ hey, it’s about time I reached this milestone

I don’t need you around anymore

I’ve learned to fight all alone in this shaky civil war

Find someone else to gather flowers for

You all can make life choices like kids in a candy store

Meantime I’m living to the max until I die

Never feel hesitation, lettin’ myself fly high

Only worry for three people – me, myself, and I