"So I don’t even remember it as a post traumatic experience,
I just remember it as the way I grew up. So I think that
I was very blind to the reality I grew up in until I became a father.
And when you’re a father you face and have to explain to your son all those things,
but my father never explained it to me. Like you know, 
this is reality."


Black Souls

Silver bullets fly thru the air, another black man slain, another family in pain, with only 25 cents in his pocket and struggle in his eye, the worst thing is his family never got the chance to say goodbye. With his last breaths on earth, he sees the gun that didn't give him a chance to run. The gunshot shouts in the ears of Spectators, the taste of blood stains his lip, he's losing his grip. He'll never see his kid because a bullet landed in his rib. His body hits the ground with a gut wrenching sound as he lies there dead his story will go unread, marked down as another black man dead.

Peace within water

As the rain falls from the puffy clouds and hits the ground with a lovely sound that massages my ears, the Bliss of the repeated sounds relaxing my state of mind and puts me in a state of Tranquility, I look out my saturated window and see the tiny droplets fall from the tree limbs the smell of moisture seems to levitate in the air around me I open my soon to be liquefied window and slightly reach my hand out quickly the rain droplets caressed my arm in a peaceful and loving way

Don't judge

Don't judge me

Don't judge me on the words I said but instead learn what lies in my head

Don't judge me on my aspirations because my thoughts can inspire nations in my heart lies dedication for elevation

Don't judge me on the way I talk the way I walk because my intelligence will leave you in shock

Don't judge me on the image in your head because my story has been misread I will not stop until my family is fed

My name is Earl Waite. I am 17 years old, and I love to write and I like to play sports. When I write, I don’t just write–I look to motivate and inspire my readers, and I believe I can spread a message across the world that no matter who you are you can do anything. And, if I can, I would love to make this dream I have a reality and I know you guys can help with that. I go to Public Safety Academy in Enfield, CT. I like to play basketball and just play a lot of sports. I have a lot of friends at my school. I am a very easy person to talk to. I am also a fun person to be around because I get along with almost everyone I come across.

By participating in The Creative Process I have learnt that I have a lot of knowledge that I can bring to awaiting eyes and ears.