She just can’t take it, her heart is breaking

She cannot simply fake it

And continue to take it

Her love is badly shaken

Her precious lifetime is wasting


She’s rollin’, she’s smokin’

Her life slowly overdosing

She’s trying to hold on but the handle is broken

Nobody hears the soft words she’s spoken

Like a baby bird fallen in the dirt

No one sees how badly she’s been hurt


She’s tryin’ to ease the pain

‘Cause now her story has gotten fame

And it’s so sad, it’s such a shame

She says she’ll never feel the same


Quick! She’s going insane

Quick! She's losing her brains

She wonders who’s to blame

But just keeps playing the game

She sits on the throne yet still remains

Under a dark cloud of feeling called pain

Holding her head up to the rain

Never ceasing to wonder

Never ceasing to pray