Our memories are so true, sad to say I share one bad memory with you.

It isn't anyone's fault, it's just the time you lost.

You lost your final fight, but you're still a champion for holding on so tight.

Everyone knew you were sick, but we all thought you would overcome it.

It’s not the way I wanted this to happen, I regret all the times I took for granted.

One more laugh is all I seek, one more laugh in your white jeep.


I know you're okay because of my dream, the one where you told me to keep going, never give up, and stay strong, kid.

You'll be the one to overcome all this pain.

Although my sadness can never go away, I hope our memories never fade.

I love you with all my heart, but this is going to be the sorrowful part.


I truly miss you, and wish you were here.

At times I wish it was all a bad dream, but I know this is true, and not some horrible illusion that the darkness places upon you, at your lowest moment.

And this is why I dedicate this song to you:

“Hurt” by Christina Agulera


This song was created for her father who passed.

She wished the times she had with him could have lasted.

This song is dedicated to you, because you're the father I never had.

I want to make you smile, that's why everything I do is to make you proud.

I wish you luck on the journey, as you continue to seek

And may your soul rest in peace.


I love you, grandpa.