I’ve kept to myself for one year straight,

then all of a sudden there’s so much hate.

The ones that said they would be by your side

let the vibes we've had become time wasted and died.

It may seem like we want so much support

from the people who would leave and abort.

Even the one you claim as your loved one

will one day become memories and be gone.


This is the type of generation

full of fakes, followers, and heartbreaks in rage.

With understanding and explanation

I just have to sit back and make a change.

This would be the time I begin to realize

not all things level with your expectations.

It’s okay if your way goes otherwise,

just do not have any hesitation.


Sucks to see all of these depths of depression

involving stress, heartbreaks and lock ups.

But if I move on and make progression

then it’ll all be gone, and that’s what’s up.

Going through all of the difficult times

is what has made me believe in myself now.

When it comes to progression I will climb,

going through the difficult times without a frown.


This is the type of generation

where we have to stand up and stay strong.

Do not follow the demonstrations,

just stand up for yourself while living young.

Even close friends can do you dirty

for the popular crowd, acting two faced.

Just tell them “You're stupid, you heard me

that's fine, I'll just move on to my next phase.”



Be your own person, not a wannabe,

be the person you want to be known for.

Show who you are based on your quality

and don't make yourself look bad anymore

You don't have to be part of a gang,

you'd be better off independent.

Being friends with the ones who can only hang

will not be beneficial, or pleasant.


This is the type of generation

where you'll be fine as long as you do you.

If you lose friends don't have any hesitation

just move on if they treat you like doo doo.

But be successful so that they can hate

just because you got your life together.

Everyone knows that they can’t relate

with these haters, but just say “whatever.”


I have stuck to myself just for the best,

and it’s really left a good impression.

I feel like my life really is a test

since I have learned so many lessons.

My best shows that I am great at my work,

Including my effort in school and track.

This feeling so beats hanging with a jerk,

for my old homies there’s no coming back.


This is the type of generation

where you must ignore the ignorant.

It helps when you're your own motivation

knowing compared to others you are different.

The day that I finally get my diploma

I’ll never forget all of my struggles.

It was worth it because you know what?

Life taught me how to step up and hustle.