"I imagined being adopted by
different people I saw on the street."
This Boy's Life


I'm sorry mom and dad,
I'm sorry for the way I'm making you feel
I'm on my knees, praying to be healed
I want to show you your son is here, and he’s real
My love for you both is stronger than stainless steel

I'm sorry mom and dad
Sorry that I make you feel so sad
Which makes me feel really bad
I don't want you to feel like this just because of me
I don't want you thinking you just won the Nobody nominee
I'd rather be lost in the deepest hole in the sea
Than have you feel my depression, like you’ve been stung by angry bees
I'm so sorry for all this destructive disease
I wander outside to think and look at the trees, just wishing I could be free

I'm so sorry mom and dad
I want to be happy for you guys
But this depression has me paralyzed
I just want to rise up and shine in front of your eyes
But this burden weighs me down, no matter how hard I try