Boys. Boys. Boys.
It’s always boys.
“Are you dating anyone?”
“Who’s the lucky man?”
“When are you planning on getting married?”
“You’ve been single a while, go get a boyfriend, you must be lonely.”

But why?
Why should a girl need a guy in her life?
The point?
There is none.
We as young women don’t need guys to make us happy.
We can make ourselves happy.
We shouldn’t let a guy control our happiness, just to enable him to take it all away.
Be your own source of happiness. Of love.

Since we were young, all it’s been is boys, boys, boys.
We’re supposed to be wrapped around their fingers.
Be the puppet on a string for them.
Let them toy with our hearts and be sad until the next one comes along to save us from our misery.

Society gives us a list of expectations.
Requirements for us to be successful and happy.
But take that list, crumple it up, throw it in the trash.
You don’t need a guy to be happy.
You don’t need to be 5’5” with a slim waist, blonde hair and blue eyes.
You can be you, and that’ll make you the happiest you’ll ever be.

Be you. You’ll be happier than any guy could ever make you.
Be independent.
Don’t let other people control your life, your happiness.
Control it yourself.
It’s not called YOUR life, YOUR happiness, for no reason.