Now I personally don’t believe in this thing you guys call love. What is it? How are you supposed to feel? How do you know when you love or are in love with someone? Besides loving your family and friends, I am talking about how are you supposed to learn how to love a person on your own?

don’t believe in it and let me tell you why. I was born in a generation where the word gets thrown around like a football. Many people in relationships say I love you on the first day; it’s a different story if they say it because they’ve known the person for many years. I don’t believe in it because I choose not to. Why love someone deeply when at any given time he can disappear? No matter how many times a person says he won’t leave you, he ends up doing so anyway. Whether it’s on purpose or by death, they always leave, so why love and get heartbroken in the end? So many young kids say the word love too much; they haven’t experienced life yet they think they are ready for love. Now some people tend to stay in their relationship all throughout high school and get married, but to be honest it’s rare. I’ve always said to myself that I would never love someone during high school, and I keep that promise because love is a distraction for me. I can’t love someone and try to help him find himself when I haven’t been able to love or find myself yet. I understand that some people want to progress with their partner, but that isn’t for me. It would be like having a child: you do your homework then tell your partner to do theirs because you want them to succeed. I’d rather wait till I graduate and live life on my own before I ever try to love someone during my remaining school years. And if I ever do find love in high school I’ll look at this poem and thank the person I love for changing my perspective.