"And I think that when I started writing
it was basically a way of putting it on paper saying
this is why I want to live. This is what life means to me."


I'm always mad at myself, that’s for sure
Placing my family on reserve
Driving around, wanting to swerve
And crash in the midst of a steep curve
Cause that's just what I deserve.

This depression been biting down to the nerve
Wanna be happy
But my mind won't let me, and that’s just absurd
Letting these poems out so my heart can be heard
Don't know what my mind is thinking, it's all becoming blurred
Always feeling down in the dirt
Try to make everyone happy, but always end up getting hurt
My mind’s on high alert
For new people who walk into my life and make my mind subvert
Feel like my mind’s more frigid than a frozen dessert

Wish when I get depressed I could just walk away and avert
So I could stop this feeling from getting any worse
The only people who make me happy
Are the friends I adore
But when I'm alone I get punched in the heart and fall on the floor
My heart feels so sore
Down to the core
This depression’s got my mind going through the Third World War
Just wanna go back to better times before

Don’t wanna cry anymore