"A love story, at least a convincing one, requires three elements
- the lover, the beloved, and the adventures they have together."


My boyfriend’s name is Jesus Cano but his family calls him by his middle name Hector. He’s funny, sarcastic, childish, and even acts like a little baby when I don’t pay attention to him. My boyfriend is really insecure about his body but I always tell him that I love him how he is. When he’s with me he treats me like a queen. We both have a lot of things in common, and connect on so many levels.

My boyfriend has a habit of comparing himself to other people, and overall he starts to be jealous of their bodies. He wishes to look like them, then he starts to over think about how he wants to be skinny instead of chubby, wants to look better and cuter for me; I always tell him that I love him just the way he is but he never gets it through his head, so he starts to over think a whole lot more about his personality and looks. This becomes a huge obstacle for him because he won’t learn to like his own body and personality. It will be difficult for him to overcome his insecurities. He is also insecure about his stretch marks that are all over his back and stomach, but I tell him they’re “cute tiger stripes babe, I have them too.” Every time he takes off his shirt in front of me and I see his tiger stripes I start touching those cute tiger stripes of his as he looks down at me as a sign of love and appreciation. Till this day now I still tell him to love and accept himself no matter what, nobody's perfect, people come in all different shapes and sizes.

One of the amazing things my boyfriend can do is treat me right. He keeps me very happy, so I can never stay mad at him for that long. He shows me in many ways how he treats me right and shows that he loves me. My boyfriend is really overprotective of me, he’s always looking out for me to see if I’m alright; he would know when something is wrong with me, asks me questions to see if I need anything. I’m his one and only, his best friend, his soulmate, the love of his life, his queen, his world. He never stops fighting for me, he motivates me in different ways. We have been together for eight months now; we started dating January 11, 2016. Every time my boyfriend sees me, he always comes up with random gifts on him; one of the biggest surprises he has ever gotten me were two rings from Pandora that were beautiful. He gave me the rings as a way to show me that he’s committed to this relationship, that he’ll go through hell and back with me and stick together with me no matter what we go through. In my past relationships none of them ever worked out, I would always end up with a broken heart; I was never able to trust or love ever again until I met my boyfriend. He taught me how to love and trust again, he put my heart back together and showed me that not everyone is the same until you meet the right one. In the end you never know the type of people you will meet until you find the right one who will love you for you. When you’re looking for love you don’t need to worry, for it will come to you.