“She looked sad when she sang, and it really tugged at Himme’s heart.
At one point he imagined himself going up on stage and kissing her.
An electrifying kiss that would make her his, right then and there.”


There was a girl with the smile of an angel, the voice of a goddess. She was never ungrateful, but was very loving and always modest. Her hair was as soft as silk; her scent was as sweet as roses. It’s sad she left this world so coldly. It was four years ago, on the 18th of May, 2012. Since that day I have vowed to be bold and never handle conflicts violently. And still till this day I see her picture and it makes me want to change my ways. It's sad that I lost my closest friend to suicide. I can’t forgive myself for my mistake -- telling her I would always be by her side when, sadly, I wasn't. In the end I begged her to stay, but what with everything I’d said she decided to do herself wrong. Even though I'm not the reason she is no longer here, I can’t help but blame myself. I should have listened better, protected her from the evil men who told her to end her life. I remember getting the call from her crying mother, mumbling, “Ariana is dead. She took her father's gun and shot herself in the head.” At her wake I made a promise to her mother to always remember Ariana and never let myself fall to the same fate. I love you, Ariana, forever and always, until we meet again.

R.I.P. 4/24/99 - 5/18/12