“To what extent does anybody control his destiny?
Life is very much like falling of the edge of a cliff. You have
complete freedom to make all the choices you want to take
on your way down. My characters choose to yearn and not lose
hope even when the odds are completely against them. It doesn't
make the landing at the end of that fall any less painful but, somehow,
it helps them keep a little dignity their bone broken body.” 



I am perfectly broken.

A soul that is drained but never dares to show it,

A soul that is warm, yet always feels so cold.


I am perfectly broken.

A young girl with the mentality of someone older

Who can’t compete with all the immaturity.


I am perfectly broken.

A strong girl with a weak heart,

Yet the longing for love remains so painful.


I am perfectly broken.

A girl who is capable of hiding her hurt behind smiles

So that nothing can ever get in her way.


I am perfectly broken.

A girl who has felt so miserable just seeing others happy;

I put on a smile and everyone thinks I’m okay,

But like I always say, you have to fake it to make it.


On the inside I am broken, but I make it seem like everything is fine.

If you wear a smile to fake it, then they think you’re all right.

But you are perfectly broken.