To all the kids in the hood, work hard and do what you should. Never say you can’t because we all know you could. The streets don’t show no love and that’s a fact, so don’t try to be like everyone else -- sometimes it’s okay to be wack. And to the white people that laugh at us blacks, one day we’ll all come together as a pack. So don’t sleep on us, don't even take a nap.

I lost my brother to these streets, may his soul rest in peace; not only did he leave me with intelligence, he left me with a niece. She’s big now, almost five, and since my brother is no longer alive, it’s up to me to strive. That’s why I aim for the sky and always keep my head high. Gotta be real with her because my brother never told a lie.

Back to the kids in the hood, you can make it out. Don’t worry about Facebook thugs, they all do it for clout. Always respect your mom, without a doubt, even when she reaches the point when she wants you out -- just respect her decision and find another route.

To the girls who look to boys for love, there’s only one man that can give you all you need, and he’s up above. You need to learn not to push and shove for love, because once again it all comes from the man above.

And to all the single fathers carrying a mop, there's hope and I give you all my props; not all fathers can do what you do -- the love you have for your child is oh so true. You give her the world, from clothes to shoes, because in the end she's just a duplicate of you. And to all the deadbeat fathers that left after they got nasty in the sheets, I pray that your child never ends up on the streets; and if they do I hope you realize that it could've been because of you. Nobody told you to leave, you could have stayed; being around for your child is the right way. One day maybe when your hair turns grey, you're gonna wish you stayed.

And to the deadbeat moms, did you really waste your time giving birth? Bringing your child onto this earth? Your child is oh so hurt that you decided to treat them just like dirt. You took the time out to flirt, now make some time to at least buy your child a shirt. I've been through it all, watched my mom fall, but now we're all together as a family and standing tall.