"What do we become when we put down the scripts
written by history and memory, when each person before us
can be seen free of the cultural or personal narrative we've
nherited or devised? When we, ourselves, can taste that freedom.”

Black,White,andJewish: Autobiography of A Shifting Self


We all look for ways to separate ourselves from others.

We focus on skin color and height

Backgrounds and family problems

We focus on everything from the color of someone’s eyes

To the texture of their hair


We pay no attention to the things deeper than appearance

The things you might have to look a little closer at

Or the things you might not see when you first glance someone’s way


We pay no attention to our similarities

Or how relatable the struggles of someone else may be


We do not realize

We all breath the same air

We all see the same sun and stars and moon

We all have blood running through our veins

We all laugh and cry

We all struggle


We all look for ways to separate ourselves from others