Everyone has secrets, right?

Buried deep down in the dark

Well, mine is coming to the light…


It all started in a bowling alley

Birthday party for Gaby

I was having such an amazing time

Until nature called

That's when things got out of control


Heading towards my destination someone stopped me in my tracks

I spun around to see who it was


I saw a man and a woman

And as my 7 year-old self

I didn't see danger at all


Well, I was wrong

Because in a matter of seconds

I was pinned to the bathroom door

They pushed me inside and locked everything


It's strange how just in a matter of seconds everything changes

I don't think that anyone will understand how I felt that day

I tried to fly away, but my wings they had cut

My mind filled with confusion, theirs filled with lust


Tears danced down my cheeks

Their cold touch like a vacuum, sucking out all the life out of me

Their ears were wide open, but they wouldn't hear my pleas


Unable to escape or defend myself

The man spoke up with a heavy panting breath

Saying, “Don't cry, Adriana, we just want to have fun”


From that day on every time I heard my name

Memories came hitting me like a truck

Ever since that day I’ve hated the name Adriana


And now for the rest of my life I’ll say

Hi, my name is Mary, nice to meet you.