As the sun sets, he skates down the bridge, his mind racing. He’s thinking of what had just happened moments before. “Just f*cking leave, no one wants you!” repeating in his mind. He stops. Stands at the edge with a light post hanging above his head. He looks out into the distance while the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks swooshes through one ear and out the other. It reminds him of how hard the situation hits his heart. What did I ever do? Why me?

is thoughts get the best of him and he starts thinking about taking his life. Is it worth it? The orange sky reminds him of his mother. That color. It matches the shirt she was wearing on April 4th, the ‘#4” written on it in pure white. April 4th, the day his dad became an abuser, a killer threatening his mom right before his blue-grey eyes. He takes his knit beanie off to wipe away the tears that have started flowing down from his sparkling eyes onto his pinkish, chilling cheeks. “I love you,” he whispers, puts his head down for a minute, then rises. He takes his skateboard and goes to see him mother.