I’ve told this movie before, like it was nothing

We all do it, even though we feel something

But really my feelings are kind of hurt

And lately I think I’ve been in this blur

Been a bit in the dark, this funk, it’s just not me

Up all night, I can barely catch any sleep

Oh no, it's already half past 3!

Sometimes I stay awake until my morning alarm beeps

I feel like my eyes want to close, but they won’t

But anyway, this is how the movie goes


I was fresh out of school, I had just gotten home

When I pulled out the electrical device called a telephone

Went on Facebook, and guess what?

I had a surprised look

It was you,

You had liked all my Facebook photos


A couple weeks later you messaged me

Speaking just a little bit sexually

And I was with it, I must admit it

Now I wish I never even did it

Even though it felt so good when your thumper was up in it


You were my first, but you never knew

Until just a few days ago I decided to tell you

How did it go?

Let’s just say

It’s crazy how when you finally speak the truth

It still takes convincing just to get someone to believe you


It was you,

You were the one who took my innocence

I still wonder how I ended up in this crazy predicament

But you were you so inviting, I was with it


My sentiments for you steadily grew

Like a flower that starts off small and eventually blooms

Being in your presence was like inhaling treacherous fumes

You were toxic

Every time you came around

Your effect was hypnotic

The nonfiction me was gone, and the imposter came upon me

Your way of words was so smooth, like butter and cream

This just wasn’t my character, to tell the truth

This isn’t something I’d normally do

I knew it was wrong

I knew it wasn't right

But every night when I lay down in my bed

The flashbacks of the coition kept playing

Like a broken record in my head

Finally, I ended up telling you how I feel

And you made it clear there’d never be a deal

My aspiration for this becoming a relationship would never be real.


A friendship with a benefit, you said.

Yet was it even a friendship?

This connection felt so loosely knit

Most teenagers might think friends with benefits is pretty lit

But they’re wrong, when all is said

Because when it all comes down to feelings

Guys kick rocks and you never hear from them again

As if he never even pushed his love stick in

Was it something that I did?


I was vexed, disappointed, and more than a bit hurt

Because in the end you did me dirt

But then again, how can I really be mad?

Was this my karma for lying to myself so bad?

Hell no, I can’t be mad, because last time I checked

It takes two people to do something so stupendous and senseless

Now I realize I looked like his little apprentice

That last line was kind of relentless, but then you’re careless


Now who’s the one who’s waxing garrulous?

I think my vocabulary is simply tremendous

Again, irrelevant

Still, here I am

Writing a poem about a dog who doesn’t even feel sad

A dog that only barks at me when he wants to make sure

Our secrets remain unknown, his actions obscure

I don’t know why I stress all this alone

He craves what’s between a woman's legs as if it was a bone

He doesn’t care how I feel as long as the rest of the movie isn’t told

But enough of making you look like the criminal and myself a scold

Even though it might not matter to you as an individual

Because the effect on you has obviously been minimal


This is something I’ll get over, but never forget

Even now when I lie down in my bed

The scenes from our movie still play on

Like a broken record in my head.