I am a queen in my world.

I will treat myself as a queen,

Only allowing others to treat me like a queen.


I will die knowing that somebody loves me.

I will allow my imagination and creativity to make me millions.

With close family, friends, and my knowledge

I will rule my life!


My head will always be held high,

But I will stay humble and friendly.

I will say and believe that

I am beautiful!

I will find my king and he’ll

love me for me.

I’ll have a baby boy that’ll carry the

Tabb name even higher than I will.


I will no longer stand to be depressed,

but instead be optimistic, open-minded, and active in this world.

No longer will I downgrade my looks

Or let anybody abuse me.


I will be known as:

Graceful, caring, loving, understanding, hardworking, and beautiful (inside and outside) A person you can turn to, if you need an ear and/or somebody to comfort you.

This is just the pride of a TRUE QUEEN!