English Teacher, Freshman Academy
New Britain High School
& Pure Imagination Mentor

To get it right every time
That is a secret downfall of mine.

Never fail, I tell myself,
They've all put you high on that shelf.

A charmed life, they say,
To be so lucky everyday.

But this charm is a curse,
And each day I fear the worst,
That I will never be good enough for you.

The struggle is real
As I try to deal with all that is thrown my way.
I say yes without knowing, but inside I'm growing
Weaker day by day.

I'm losing myself in all that I do
When I give my all trying to please you.

To make you happy is my quest
And I push my limits to the test.

I put myself aside
Trying to prove how hard I've tried.

I never say no,
Because that'll show,
That I want to be good enough for you.