Where do I start? Well, I only remember a little bit of my Freshman year. I really didn’t like my teachers. I remember walking into Dr. Walsh’s classroom thinking, “Shit! This old guy looks mad strict – ugh!” I must admit, when I heard him say that we had to write a 500 word essay every week, I was mad! I was like, “Woah woah woah, hold up!!!! What the hell I can’t even do a 290 word essay!” For a while I didn't really like Dr. Walsh; he was always, as I put it, “on my ass.” He would always tell me to stay on task and put my phone away; for a while I would even argue with him. Dr. Walsh and I would really go at it, engaged in full blown arguments -- all just because I was lazy and didn't want to do my work. I hated writing, I really didn't think I was any good at it, but he knew, he knew that I was a good writer, he believed in me. Dr. Walsh had the hope for me that I myself didn't have. He never gave up on me no matter how badly I treated him. 

I can tell that this is a real teacher, he really cares. I have no doubt in my mind that this man cares; it took me a while to realize it, though. Dr. Walsh is very chill, he never tells you that your work sucks; he is such a reasonable person. There’s really no reason for people to dislike him. He taught me so many things, like how to really write. He told me that even if you think your work is bad, believe in yourself. Dr. Walsh is really trying to make a difference; he is trying to make the school actually come together. Dr. Walsh is a man of his word. I remember the day he told me that he was trying to get my essay published; man, to be honest I didn't think he was serious, until he told me it was actually getting published. His style of teaching is really extraordinary; he is very non-judgmental and surprisingly mellow, but he still pushes his students to be the best they can be. He really opens new doors for his students. He wants to see his students succeed. To tell the truth, I hated reading and writing while I was growing up. I just felt like I wasn't good at these things; I was a child who always struggled with those two assignments in school. I thank Dr. Walsh for opening my eyes and making me realize that I'm better than I thought I was; he is such a great teacher.