“In the months that follow you bend to the work,
because it feels like hope, like grace–and because you know
in your lying cheater's heart that sometimes a start is all we ever get.”

― JUNOT DÍAZ, This Is How You Lose Her


Hello everyone, my name is LIE 

I live the average life

I hide

I strive in people’s lives

But I can’t survive

Eventually I become some kind of escape 

That people depend on to look and feel great

That kills me because I was only meant to be some little game

To evade an unpleasant situation

An uncomfortable emotion

Until they realize life can’t be placed on slow motion


My name is LIE

I’m the fastest in the race

The race to the end

Where people can no longer pretend

When they think they’ve forgotten me

I make amends

Teaching them that I am no friend

You can’t get away from me

Even if you try

I’ll drag you right back in

With me you just can’t win


My name is LIE 

I started off so innocent,

So small, so trivial

That’s what happened

I never intended to be so mistaken

But it’s too late now 

No one will listen

Because of me, you won’t be forgiven 

There’s no explaining

So stop the complaining

About what I did wrong

You accepted me

You used me

You abused me



And now you want to lose me? 

It’s too late now

You spoke me 

You breathed me 

You lived me

It’s too late now to get rid of me


But what you can get rid of now

Are those tears 

Lose them

Because they cost years of my precious time

Time wasted

Time invested in you

You told the lie

It was you who didn’t want to acknowledge the truth

If you could have borne it

I would have set you free

But you held on to me

Because you couldn’t handle seeing what was left of you without me



Now you need some victory?

To think you’ve outreached me? 

To think you’ve conquered me?

Sorry, but that’s where your mistaken

Until you forgive yourself

I’ll continue to be your misfortune

You don’t want me in your life anymore? 

Fine, but I want you to pull the plug

Tell me when you’re ready to stop feeling so smug


My name is LIE

Do you think I want to be used by you

To cover up the truth

That you don’t want people to use against you?

No, I hate this  

And I hate me

Because every time people use me

They hate themselves

I hate myself, you hate me

Once you are done with me

You’ll quickly see

That no matter what you do

You will hate you

For using me, like a fool


But don’t you worry

It’s all cool

This is what I live for

This is what I do over and over

When you’re finally done with me 

I’ll just keep moving forward

Because if it’s not you

There’s always a number two

Someone else who will let me in their life

To use me any way they think is right


But they’ll soon learn a lesson

The same lesson you’re getting from me now

So listen:

If you don’t want long term commitment with me

Just stay away from me

Because once I’m in it 

I’ll always be with it

And you’ll be wishing 

You never spoke those words that can’t be forgiven


So keep on walking

Keep on moving 

For I’ll always be three short steps behind you

Waiting for the moment you lose it


My name is LIE 

My best wishes to you

I hope you really try this time

To finally make things right

For unfortunately, if you don’t change your tune

I’ll be seeing you again, real soon