Ya see life for us wasn't always great

It seem our whole life we've been with the state

Food stamp livin day to day

I remember we had a skateboard but didn't even know how to skate

Ya see life for us wasn't always great

I remember in 4th grade when we thought we seen magic cuz-a-some nice trees, pretty birds, and an old man growing cabbage

But ya see you and me never had many friends just a lot of girlfriends and girl friends

And I can't forget when we liked Gabby and kissed Rene

Maaaaaaaan we cherished that day

And ever since then we always wanted to go out and play

But do you remember when we moved to Thomas Street?

Our own first room and a big box T.V.

We used to watch Ni Hao Kai Lan on repeat DVD

Everyday eat then go to sleep

But do you remember when mom left & we thought she would come back? we thought her & dad would live happily ever after

(HA) we were young and dumb but when we found out the truth we were wrecked like a natural disaster

So ya see life for us wasn't always great it was sad it was bad and at some points it got us mad

But what else could we be? ya see we seen knife to throat, guns pointed and our dad get arrested

We accept him, but did he accept us?

When we were born he wasn't even there he thought we weren't his sons

Ya see life for us wasn't always great


Yes we found a way and at first it was rap

Yo check it one time to get this message straight, bars what i'm givin havok what i'm livin, we found ourself inside ourself and we were only children

But ya see life for me started to get better

Pencil to paper

Writing raps letter by letter

Then I wrote stress, started out as another hot 16

And then I remember my teacher said we needed a poem for a poetry slam

I mixed and mastered my bad disasters and when I found poetry

All my poems from then were a success

Ya see poetry was the best

It was the best way I had to express my stress

Cuz ya see my life was a mess

Quickly god stripped me from better to worse

Reaching for a way was like being in a desert dyin of thirst

Ya see quickly I became angered with my family and with god

Ya see life for me was hard, na na na ya see, I had to keep pushing and pushing to become a man

My grandmas in a wheelchair so I guess she’ll need a helping hand

I was alone with no friends

She would play oldies like they were my jam

Like Luther Vandross, this house is not a home when daddy's not home and sisters not home

Just like that chair is not a chair when no one's sitting there

Ya see I was alone I felt trapped, I felt lost

But once more I sat and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote

It was time I boarded the boat

This was only the beginning, a flood was coming, a flood of life's problems

I gotta figure out how to solve em

So I wrote and wrote and wrote until my hands were numb

But ya see life isn't great

It's what you give and take

Destroy and create

Life for me wasn't always great

But this message helped me find life in another day