“I have always thought that Heaven is a place for people who had had a good life,
but that is not true. God is merciful and way too good to make it so.
The Heaven is just a place for people who could not be really happy while living on Earth.
I was once told that people who commit suicide are taken back on Earth
to repeat life from the very beginning because if they did not like it once,
it did not mean they would not like it the next time.
But those who did not fit in on Earth at all, ended up here.
Everyone comes to Heaven in their own way.” 

The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God & Other Stories


Dear Mom, I’m now 15, really the main thing on my mind is how to one day get that green

From time to time we fake talk, texting isn't real in my book

I wonder how you been for the time we've been apart, this distance of son and mother bond has long torn my heart

For this reason only, no more, do I ask you this question

Can you define the four letter word that humans use and abuse, without due reflection?

Can you define it in such a way that I’ll cringe at its true meaning?

Or can you define it so that my heart aches in pain and begins to think about healing?

Can you define - LOVE - I can that's as easy as one, two, three, ABC

That's as easy as saying I hate you for leaving me (HA)

But anyway the definition to me is longing of various emotions

Anger, happiness,...ETC. Forget everything I just said as just a causal notion

Why did you leave? But then again you were never there

SCARED to death what happened to my mom, THOUGHT you were the best, guess I was wrong

So many nights I cried, So many days went by that I waited, for so many things I contemplated, like what I can do to change what happened between me and you

WHAT DID WE DO!!!!!! (HUH?) your children, what type mother are you?

You chickened out guess, you didn't know that was my favorite food

But now you do still, so doesn't change a thing

I got so much stress on my brain I feel chained

I hate you, I love you the same, My emotions for you mom now have been changed, Unsurprisingly, I can't even remember your face

I shouldn't give you the respect you don't deserve, I should call you by your first name

Krista!!!!!! Tell me what makes you you, is it how you sleep couch to couch? knowing whos whos but not knowing us

Damn I just wanna cuss, but imma keep it marshmallow, jello, jigglypuff  softest words but mentally tough, maybe not physically but mentally tough

I wanna cry somehow, die right now, but nah my time ain't up, so imma drink away the pain

I sip apple juice and get drunk like its Hennesy

Ya said put my dukes up, but that only makes enemies

And this is not a race, so ma please don't waste your energy

Stuck playing catch up now

What did you do when your mom left you? You were eleven

Grandmas probably full of disgrace, up there in heaven

If I could see a smile on your face, that be a blessing

Hashtag contact Kris Have, some type of message

Phone call dial me up, no stupid texting


Ring ring doing my dance, Hotline Bling


I'm not done yet, please mom if you get this

Call me

Maybe poetry is the only way someday we’ll be united like the states

I don't know how to end this so love ya baby boy