I recommend an app,
Give you a clap,
As my excuse,
This is useless

Why am I
Willing to throw away my life
For this guy
Who doesn't want me?


Let it be known,
That I would throw,
Myself into your arms
Without any warning;
I'm gonna fall,
I hope you'll catch me,
Answer my calls!

Don't answer my calls,
He simply can't know
That you are the cause
Of all of my hope
And pain in the world
He simply can't know!
Don't tell him, dear friend
Of the texts that we send
Of my undying love
You know that I love you,
But don't tell him that
He would eat his hat,
If he knew his princess
Was starting to second guess
Who she wants to be with
For better or worse

You're texting me now,
You don't know I'm writing this
Ignorance is bliss
I guess you don't notice
I would play
This game all my life
But you don't want me
As your future wife?!

Don't love me, see if I care
I care. I need you,
Good friend, are you there?
This silence is killing me,
I'm in despair
Help me, I'm drowning
Get out of my hair!

Leave me alone!
I don't want you here!
It's not like I think of you
Every day
Of every year
Hoping he’ll say goodbye

So that I can live happily by your side

I know that sounds awful,
I'm heartless, what's new?
You know that my heart
Beats only for you
Like the drums in a rock song
For three years straight
Not bad, don't you think?

When I see you, I feel I'm in place,
I'm grounded, I'm stable,
I'm finally able
To be me, to see
Exactly what I need
I need you
To know that you are my dream

I need you! I know that!
Do you hear my plea?
Give me a chance
So I can finally breathe

I want to be next to you every day
Be there with you always, there's no time to waste
I'd leave him this second, if you'd just say yes
I'm waiting on you, good friend
Be my guest