This I dedicate to the room in which everyone has formed a second home and a place where they feel free to talk about anything they need to express.

I also dedicate this to all the students who have been so strong through all the things they have been going through.

And finally a special thank you to Dr. Walsh for creating a platform like this for students to write, share, and deal with their problems alongside others.


Four walls and a heartbeat


In me the chairs don’t squeak

No whispers or moving feet

Students sit and they listen

To the shy faces, talent, and ambition




Four walls and my heartbeat


They hold their fists clenched while reading

They hold back the tears

They hold onto their fears

But not holding back their tongues is what keeps my heart beating


Four walls and your heartbeat


What their lives have been

Filled with venom

Fake friends with snake eyes

The pen is their weapon


Take a breath


Four walls and you are my heartbeat


You just want to pull the trigger on that pistol

You want to feel happiness

Even for just a little

To them, what they read are mistaken memories

Death, drugs, and rape

These scars are not temporary


They run to the composition book

And me

Four walls and a heartbeat