"For years, Suchen had felt as though
she were standing at the edge of a beach,
holding a line that flew Lei into
life like a kite over the sea—
or was it the other way around?"


Is it your ocean,
that moves with the wind,
Is warmed by the sun

Occupied by many fish,
And makes sailors feel like one?

Does the sound of your waves
excite you?
Does the motion and color clarity
ignite you?
Does it spark conversation
among people who love to swim?
From those who are ridiculed
for not being ready to?

Is your ease of access
too accessible?
Should your water
not be opened up
until your swimmers
crack an intricate code?

Can people leave
their garbage there?
Is it still littering,
if you're the one
who snatched it in?

Do things pry in it?
Do they run from each other,
act shy in it?
Does one kill another,
and die in it?

Do storms take your water,
then pour it back stronger?
Do you notice,
you rarely become completely empty?

Lessons: it's like all those fish
and sailors
were heaven sent.


Yes, it is my ocean.
It's deep,
Not because things use it,
but because things need it.