Sometimes I wonder to myself, what would happen if I died tomorrow? Would anybody care? Would anybody cry? Would anybody feel empty or lost without me? Who would say, it was all my fault, it should’ve been me, what if I just told her I loved her one time? I wonder how would I die. Would it be murder? Who? Why? How? Where? Would it be a suicide? Or maybe a natural disaster… an accident, or sudden illness? Would I have the time to reflect on my life? To question why didn’t I risk the touch of their seemingly soft lips? Why was I so afraid of what they’d say or do? What if I died tomorrow and they loved me back? The chance would be gone for us to exchange those three simple words. If I died tomorrow would you still love and care about me? Keeping me in your thoughts? I know I would if you died tomorrow; I would still love you the same way I do now. If I die tomorrow I hope we can meet again in another lifetime and spend the time loving each other the way we should have today.