Recently, I have realized I am in love with my best friend. How? I am always thinking of him, dreaming of him. And finding excuses to talk to and about him. But do I dare tell him? No. I must keep these feelings hidden. Honestly, who knows what would happen if I told him? I have never cared for anyone, not even my own self, the way I care for him. I have no clue what I would do if anything bad ever happened to him. It physically and mentally hurts too much to even think about it. For some strange reason, no matter what happens, I know I will never dislike or forget him. Just one look at him and I crack a smile, forgetting why I was ever mad at him in the first place. I find true happiness and the fullness of love whenever I look into those golden hazel eyes. Honestly, I really want him to know my true feelings about him. But I can’t find the right words, and I am scared of what he’ll say in return.