“She wonders if this is what people call falling in love,
the desire to be with someone for every minute of the rest of
her life so strong that sometimes she is frightened of herself.” 
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers


You don't really know what love is until you meet that one person whom you cannot be without, that one person who suddenly just became your entire world. You don't know how, but it just happened. Honestly, I didn't know what love was at all until I met this one special person. Then I realized, woah . . . THIS is it! This is that feeling everyone talks about, the feeling that everyone wants to feel forever. I just want to make him happy, make sure he's okay. I just want to make him smile, and when I see him everything feels all right. Every time I look into those light brown eyes of his, I feel like every problem I have doesn't matter because . . . He loves me . . .

Now . . . I'm finally happy. When he holds me tightly it feels like I'm home, somewhere I belong.