"My son, he asked us during the last war not to tell people that
we want to peace. [...] He said, 'They told me at school that it’s not safe
to wish for peace. They told us that the Israeli Prime Minister wanted
peace and they assassinated him. They told me that Anwar Sadat, president
of Egypt, was assassinated.' And he said, 'I know how to make a deduction.
And I realize that all the people that openly say they want peace,
they get killed, so I don’t want you to say that you want it. [...]
Because I want peace, but more than that, I don’t want to be an orphan.”


People always say they fight for peace,

Yet all they do is wage war!

They swear and scream at each other!

They strike fear and sap innocence!

They use bombs and explosives to kill people!

They make families lose members!

They make citizens worried and bring them harm!

They keep people hostage!


They claim they want peace and love,

with the absence of hate and harm,

but all they do is cause war!


All they do is destroy peace!

So what do they really fight for!?



Ha! Please don’t make me laugh!