We all have been through so much doubt,

But that’s one thing life is all about;

We always think we can’t possibly make it,

So much stress that we just can’t take it.

It’s up to me to get the job done,

To get that diploma if I want one.

No time to hate on others and ruthlessly compete,

I'm just saying life ain’t no track meet.

Yes, that’s true, but on the other hand,

Sports is what I’ll have to stick with and stand.

That’s my only escape from the stress,

When I’m tired, annoyed, or feeling depressed.

I always stay low and remain humble,

So that others can’t make my life stumble.

Once I thought living would be just a breeze,

But lately it seems there’s not a moment to breathe.

Yet never will I let my hopes go down,

Because I’ve got to realize my dreams now.


You’ve got to know life ain’t no game,

When you realize things just aren’t the same.

Sometimes loneliness can be an escape,

It enables me to keep my thoughts in shape.

Others like to sit, talk shit and think,

But those are vain assumptions, so I just let them sink.

I have a future and know who I’ll be,

So don’t bring that fake love around me.

Don’t even try for I have a lot on my mind,

But I’ll solve it all myself, I’ll be just fine.

I don’t focus on the daily clout on Facebook,

Like those who fight, drink, and smoke for the cool look.

When I isolate it usually feels just right,

So I can deal with myself and continue to fight.

With just a moment of needed peace,

Things can slowly work out at least.

I’ve gone through so many phases,

I’m like a book with endless pages.


Little girls, don’t even get me started,

All they do is make you look retarded

With all of their stupid ass assumptions,

Inflicting heartbreaks as crushing as concussions.

And then we wonder why these things bust us up,

No one wants to talk and try to make up.

This also goes out to all the guys too,

Little hoes and flicks ain’t the wave, it’s true.

But at this age I shouldn't stress too much

Just because someone else loves to hold a grudge.

There are lots of thoughts running through my head,

But they really should be words loudly said.

For me trust is the number one issue,

They do you dirty and then just diss you.

I mean this seems like what we do now,

People act for the crowd when I come around

Then keep talking junk and don’t defend my name

When I’m nowhere in sight, damn what a shame.


Even your bros and best friends don’t care

Even if since day one you’ve always been there.

But that’s okay, even if life is tough, yo

Like always, other people just come and go.

Don’t let these things hold you back in school

Be happy, humble, and don’t be a fool.

Everyone can do it, that’s a fact

Just make sure that you know how to act.

Remember to sit back and take time to reflect

That way you’ll never have any regrets.

Every problem will inevitably vanish,

Remember that life is like a sandwich.

Whatever side you flip the bread comes first,

But don’t let that mentality put you in reverse.

Keep your personal life on the down low,

Even if all the others would just love to know.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience,

Major comebacks require something serious.


Artwork by Carlos Villarni