English Teacher, Freshman Academy
New Britain High School

I am lucky to be unlucky. Through my misfortune, I have been fortunate in love – the love for my children. These children, who share neither my genes nor my features, are the reason I wake each day. My home is quiet in the morning, and while there are no diapers to change or mouths to feed, I know that I have hearts, and minds, and attitudes that do. This is because to my children, I am “Miss,” not “Mom.”

I am lucky that I get to see my children every day – a privilege not given to so many. If a day goes by and I do not see a child of mine, my worry grows, and I wonder if they’re okay. A day without them cannot go unnoticed; I know that their well-being is in my hands as I shape their minds to be kind, and thoughtful, and respectful. But once I see them again, the concern fades as I am greeted with their smile, and they exclaim, “Hi “Miss!” and not “Mom.”

I am lucky that my children love me and respect me – we almost always get along. There are times we disagree, oh yes, but then again, what relationship doesn’t have their faults? Through good times and bad, we are there for each other. I can count on them, but they really count on me. I celebrate their successes and correct their mistakes as I guide them every day. I know I am loved when I hear them call out, “I need help please, “Miss,” because to me, it’s just like “Mom.”

I am lucky to be blessed with time. Each minute I spend with my children is valuable – and I know each second leaves its mark. These children, who just want to be loved, crave nurturing support, and I am happy to oblige. For when they see me sitting next to them or spot me from the field, they know I am there to support and cheer and applaud them in whatever arena they choose. This is because I have a duty to fulfill, and this is of “Miss,” not “Mom.”

I am lucky that my children visit me throughout the years. While they might not enter through my home, they all reside in my heart. Their visits bring me joy as we discuss things on their minds. It’s refreshing to see them happy, and I feel relief, knowing that I have done my job. They’ve learned to share, and comfort, and encourage when others might need their help. I am content that I have impacted their lives as “Miss,” right alongside their mom.

I am lucky that I now have a legacy of my own, as I reflect upon my years. The time we had together may have been short, but the memories last so long. I may never see them get married, or be there when they have kids, but I know that the love I’ve shown them will stay with them for sure. To them I was their friend, and mentor, and teacher, and I hope they never forget as they move on, because my life has had so much meaning, being called “Miss,” and not “Mom.”