“For three months,
a person sits and looks at you, 
imagining a kiss.” 
"One Kiss on the Mouth in Mombasa"


Her love enveloped me as I fell deep into her arms. The ache of my loneliness had taken its near deadly toll on my heart for what appeared to be the last time. For the first time in what felt like forever, I could feel the burdens of depression and despair being lifted off my soul. Utter despair that one can only know by becoming familiar with the terms, “Read at 5:18” and, “Delivered” on a frequent basis from the ones we crave attention from the most. But this was the beginning of a new age in my life, a new chapter. As we walked and talked for hours, I was became more and more enamored of her smile, a smile that I knew would have an everlasting effect on my heart, whether or not she loved me back. See, when she smiled, it was as if God himself was extending his mending hands to my soul, repairing any previous damages that had been hanging around from the past. It was like listening to a thousand of the most tantalizing tunes, tearing through the silence that was idle in my body when she spoke my name. When I’m near her, I become unfocused and distracted by her sheer beauty, to the point where I can’t help myself, but just smile and laugh. Her soft and kind words are all I’ll ever want or need for motivation, because she is all I'll ever need for eternity.