He's just here to watch me,
To ensure that I don't sin,
To make sure I don't do anything with you that I used to do with him

He's like a dictator,
The way he watches our every move,
If I was to so much as breathe in your direction, he'd disapprove

And if I were to look back at you,
I'd get penalized,
Which is a shame. You look so cute with the sun in shining your eyes

As my ex-boyfriend,
He has absolutely no right,
No right to make me feel like I can't even stand by your side

So just run with me,
Run as fast as you can,
He can't catch us as long as we have a master plan

We can disguise ourselves,
Cut our hair, change our names,
Stick with me, even though this must sound insane

We can find an escape route,
Like jumping out the window!
If we do it really fast, he'll never know

What if we hide out
In the classroom 'til he leaves?
Just sitting, laughing, talking; partners in crime, thick as thieves

We can hire stunt doubles,
To distract the wing-nut,
Although I doubt anyone else is attractive enough to pull off being us

I'll do whatever it takes,
Think up a billion crazy schemes,
When it comes to being alone with you, I'll gladly go to extremes